Husky With Green Eyes – Rare Eye Color

The eyes of the husky reflect his personality. As Owners of many huskies, the Green eye color of huskies is scarce and the miracle of nature. Huskies have variations of eye color like brown, blue, white, and black. However, according to research, all huskies are born with blue eyes.

The Siberian Husky holds a hidden gem in his gene pool; Green-eyed Husky. This is due to a Genetic Mutation. The brown and blue pigmentation comes from their ancestors by breeding huskies with other dogs which leads to a greenish hue.

In this discussion, we will take a deep dive into the circumstances behind the Husky with green-colored eyes. There are many factors like their genes, emotions, and breeds with green eyes are involved behind it.

Husky Puppy with green eye
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

There are no record found about the beginning mystery of the huskies with green eyes. Some expert says that this is impossible but some of the others say the opposite to the first one, they say that they have seen this miracle with their own eyes. Read this discussion and the decision is yours.

Genetical Background

The most common eye colors of Huskies are blue, brown, gray and black. The green color is very rare and not seen as common. Due to not having any specific theory the mystery of the green color of the eyes is not yet clear.

There is a major role of genes in the eye color of Huskies. Some theories suggest that genes might influence the ratio of Eumelanin (Brown) and Pheomelanin (yellow) produced, leading to a greenish hue.

There might be multiple genetic pathways behind the green eye color of huskies, that make it more complex. 

Theories Suggest

The theories that revolve around huskies also research the color of husky’s eyes. Theories suggest that huskies are gifted blue eyes by nature. It is dependent on the parents of that Husky. If the color of one parent is blue and the second is brown that is amazing and beautiful.

After the intercourse of blue and brown or ice or fire-eyed huskies. In this case, the puppy represents both parents. The puppy acquires the color of both one is blue and the second is brown  (bi-eyed color) or the mixture of both colors in one eye (represented as party-eyed color).

There is very complexity in the color of the husky’s eyes. Some agree with this and some are not. But there is a variation of eye colors in the Huskies. Here are some variations of colors Huskies have.

1. Husky with Blue Eyes

It is the most common color of the husky’s eyes. This is the blessed color of Husky’s eyes that Husky comes within this world. It is due to gene mutation. Typically, There is no original blue color found in the Husky’s Eyes. It’s a lack of pigment and gene mutation. 

Over a 40% chance of a Siberian Husky acquiring blue eyes over the whole community of the huskies.

The blue icy shade of eyes color and a dark grey line of thick skin around the eyes gifted him by nature to see in glaciers and in the sharp light of the sun. It also changes according to the nature of the weather. 

2. Husky with Brown Eyes

Huskies with brown color are also very common. About 35% to 40% of the whole has brown colored eyes. If both parents of the husky have blue eyes then the offspring have brown eye color due to non-recessive genes.

3. Husky With Amber Eyes

Among the different variations of husky eye color amber eye color is one of them. Unlike the green color eyed of husky amber color is also somehow rare but not much as green color.

There are two types of theories about the amber eye color of husky. One claim that there is a different genes involved behind the amber color eyes of huskies. But the second claims that it is the variation of the brown color that’s why it changes from brown to amber after some time.

1. Husky With Bi-Eyed

Bi-eyed Huskies are not commonly found and it is somehow rare. However, it is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to genetic mutation. Only 5-10% of huskies have bi-eyed.

If one parent of a husky has blue eyes and the second parent has brown eyes it becomes a chance that a puppy will be bi-eyed. 

Due to melanin production, one eye produces enough melanin that becomes blue and the second eye does not produce enough melanin leading to brown. 

It is also called heterochromia in Dogs.

2. Parti-eyed Huskies

Parti-eyed color is defined as the mixture of two color in one eye that case is rare but it exists. It is also due to mutation in genes. The main reason is that the production of melanin in the eyes of huskies. Exactly, It is a mixture of brown and blue color. The blue color is dominant while the brown color is around the circle of the iris.

Only 2-5% of the huskies have Parti-eyed over the all community.

3. Husky with Gray Eyes

About 0.5% of huskies have both grey-colored eyes. It is due to the less melanin production that leads the eye color to turn Grey. But it is a very rare chance that both eyes of the husky become grey.

4. Husky With Green Eyes

Huskies have a variety of eye colors but green color is very rare and not seen as usual. But some people reported that they have seen this color of husky’s eyes and they are completely sure that this is a green color.

All huskies bor with blue eyes at the age of 6-12 months the husky’s eye color changes to brown. But if the husky eye color does not change to brown after a time this leads to Bright Emerald green color. 

BreedEye ColorPercentage According To Breeders
Pomeranian HuskyGreenApprox 0.5%
Shepherd HuskyGreenApprox 0.2%
Alaskan HuskyGreenApprox 0.7%
Red HuskyGreenApprox 0.4%
Tan HuskyGreenApprox 0.6%
White Siberian HuskyGreenApprox 0.3%
White and Black HuskyGreenApprox 0.5%
Red and White HuskyGreenApprox 0.9%

Huskies are blessed with blue eyes at the time of birth. After the age of 1-2 months, the color of the husky’s eyes starts changing. Sometimes the color of the husky’s eyes remains bright blue like ice, and sometimes the eye’s color turns brown like fire.

It is due to the lack of pigments in the iris. It also depends on the ancestral background and genes. That’s why the huskies have different variations of eye color. 

1. Can Husky Puppies Eye Color Change

Yes! The color of the husky’s puppy eyes starts changing after the age of 8-12 weeks. But the husky puppy’s eye color is blessed blue at the time of birth. The eye color of the husky puppies depends on their parents.

The lack of pigment and the dominant blue color according to the production of melanin.

2. When Do Husky Eye Colors Stop Changing

Usually, it happens after the 16 weeks or 4 months of age of the husky’s puppy. The color of the eye changed from blue to brown and then stopped changing.

Then husky’s eye color changes at the age of six months. If your husky change color eye after 6 months you need to visit your vet.

Because late eye color change is due to any infection or other eye disease, that’s why you have to visit your dog’s vet. 

Red Husky with green eyes
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Huskies are well known for their bright and beautiful eyes but it is also become a problem for huskies. Following we will discuss the eye diseases of the Huskies.  

1. Hereditary Cataracts

This is the most common problem in huskies. It is due to hereditary mutation. The unbalanced production of melanin in the iris of huskies. It causes blindness in huskies if untreated. Fortunately, there are some treatments to cure this disease.

2. Corneal Dystrophy

Corneal dystrophy is also a common disease in huskies the female husky is at top risk. It is an eye disorder in which the outer layer of the eyes becomes thick and tidy (Cornea).

There are three types of Corneal Dystrophy and all are passed from generation to generation.


Endothelial defined in his own words refers to the cornea’s inner layer. But at the initial stage, it is hard to notice that your dog has any disease. But if you notice the fluid around the eye named edema starting at the outer edge of the eyes, you need to consult with your dog’s veterinary specialist. Symptoms of this disease are:

  • Corneal Ulcer
  • Blindness


This is another disease that causes the eye of the Huskies. The word “Epithelial” signifies the outermost layer of the cornea of the huskies eyes. In this case, the epithelial dystrophy of the eye of huskies becomes cloudy, grey or white patches called Corneal Opacity. Affected Husies will face the following things.

  • Corneal Pain
  • Squinting
  • Light Sensitivity


This disease defects the middle Layer of the cornea and starts as grey, white, or silver opacity around the layer. This disease shows its symptoms in the following.

  • As patches on the cornea’s center
  • As a ring around the cornea’s outer edge
  • As an opacity of the entire cornea


Progressive Retinal Atrophy is an eye disease that huskies may get and leads to eye blindness due to the deterioration of special cells that are present in the retina. 

According to Vetericyn Animal Wellness, there is no currently available treatment for this disease but their contributors can be treated and may reduce your husky’s blindness by cell deterioration.

1. Are husky’s green eyes color rare?

Yes, huskies with green eyes are rare, and green iris is very rare. 

2. What is the rarest color of the eye in huskies?

The white color eye is the rarest in husky eye colors.

3. Does purple eye color in husky exist?

Yes, it is possible to have a purple eye color in a husky but it is extremely rare and not all people see it.

4. What are the prettiest eye colors in Husky?

Blue, green, hazel and gray are the prettiest in huskies.

We discussed the rarity and genetic background of husky with green eyes. There are varieties of eye color in husky like blue, brown, and black. The most interesting thing in this discussion is the percentage of the green-eyed breed of huskies because they are very rare and seen as fortunate.

We have also discussed the changing color of husky’s eyes over time for various reasons. Finally, the diseases that huskies might be faced due to their eyes, tell you the symptoms of those diseases according to the veterinary specialist and my experience. Hope this will be helpful for you.   

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