Are Huskies High-Maintenance – Disguise Tips For His Care

The Huskies we adopt need our mindfulness, affection and time. It can be quite challenging to balance the workload and the husky simultaneously also, It can damage the sentiments between the owner and the husky. Due to these things, many people ask “Are Huskies High Maintenance?”

Yes, The Huskies are High-Maintenance. They require a favorable environment for nourishing and grooming, exercising and social interaction are crucial to their maintenance! We can only own a Husky if we are devoted to them!

In this discussion, we will look at what Huskies look forward to from their owners. Suggestions for you as an owner of a Husky are provided to build a powerful relationship with your Husky. 

1. Husky Grooming Schedule

Huskies are very virtuous dogs by nature they clean themselves over time. You won’t need to put more effort into grooming your Husky, But it needs some supervision for your Husky to keep it healthy and fresh. According to my experience owning a husky over the period I have noticed some points that make my husky healthy and fresh, that are below. 

  • Bathe Your Husky:

In winter there is no need excessive need to bathe your husky. It only requires once a season. Because Husky has a very little canine smell that is associated with the other dogs. But in the summer season once a month is recommended.

  • Brush The Coat: 

It is very important to know the complexity of a Husky’s coat. Due to a lot of shedding twice a year called “Blowing Coat”. But it is not an alarming situation because it is natural. Brush your husky with a Slicker brush twice a week is recommended. It helps remove the dead and weak hairs from the coat of the Husky to make it strong and fresh. The Slicker Brush is commonly available on the local store near you and also available on Amazon.

  • Trim your Husky’s Nails:

Trimming the nails of huskies is also one of the vital steps of grooming. The nails of huskies grow from the extent area it may disturb them in exercise or also damage their skin if broken. So, trim your husky’s nails once a week. If you don’t trim your husky’s nails by own due to their size place an appointment with the veterinarian.

  • Don’t Shave Husky’s Coat:

Husky’s coat not only enhances their personality but also protects them from Ultra Violet Radiation and Bacterial Attacks. So, It is a strict recommendation for you to don’t shave your husky’s coats.

  • Brush Your Husky’s Teeth:

The food that huskies eat may also be the little specks stuck in their teeth, Which are not safe for their teeth. So, Brush your husky’s Teeth Once a week is helpful for their maintenance. 

2. Husky Exercise Routine

This point raised a Question in the mind of people who want to own a husky “Are huskies High maintenance”. It is true because the huskies are very active and sled-pulling dogs. They need proper exercise daily which is an essential element for their health and mental stimulation. The following points will clear all the doubts that are hoisted in your mind.

  • Daily Exercise:

Due to their sled-pulling traits, Huskies need to exercise up to 1 to 2 hours daily. It is better to play with your husky for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening which is very stunning for your husky. Walking, Running, and playing with toys are helpful but not enough for this breed due to their ancestral DNA history. Huskies also like to Hike, do tasks and chase their owners. That will help them in physical health and also for mental stimulation.

  • Exercise Needs of Husky Puppies:

Husky puppies are sensitive because their body is under development but it does not mean that they don’t need exercise. They also need exercise but less as compared to the adult husky. Hard Exercise with your husky may cause injurious effects like hip dysplasia and other joint issues. 

In this way avoid jumping, pulling and other intense exercises before your husky is fully grown.

The best exercises for the husky puppy are under

  1. Walk and lap run
  2. Playing in the snow
  3. Playing with toys, fetching or chasing a flirt pole
  4. Playing with other dogs of the same size and well-trained.

3. Husky Training

Huskies are hard to train due to their ancestral breed. But not impossible. There are some tips are written below according to my experience.

  • Act as a Leader of your Husky:

Huskies are working dogs by their origin as a sleds pulling from Siberia. They pull heavy sleds on the order of their owners. They see him as a leader of them. So, you act like a leader of your husky. Command him when he is eating to “stop eating”.

  1. Give food to your husky with your hand that makes sense in the eyes of your husky that you are the source of food for him. So, he makes you a leader for him.
  2. Don’t try to make a leader by punishing or hitting your husky because your husky respects you and loves you so much. If you did that your husky is fed up with you and wants to escape. 
  • Train to behave in an apartment:

Huskies are also destructive dogs if you don’t give proper time for your husky to train a husky in an apartment he knocks down all the things present in an apartment. So, Training to behave in an apartment is a very important thing.

  • Leash Training:

Huskies have independent instincts and play, run, or chase on their mood. They are also escape artists, he loves you as his owner but giving him a chance is a risk.

So, it is essential to leash train a husky. In the beginning, you may face some hardships to leash train a husky but after a period the trust builds up in the mind of the husky of you.

If you have a husky puppy then you must leash train him, when you want to go for a walk with your husky must use a leash before going outside.

  • Important Command You Should Teach Your Husky First:

To start training your husky we are confused about what command should you teach your husky first. But initially, you should teach the following command for a better experience.

  1. Sit
  2. Stand Lay Down
  3. Come
  4. Drop It
  5. Hold It

4. Husky Diet

Huskies are high-maintenance dogs due to their diet problems. Huskies are born in an environment where they work hard and find less amount of food. So, They eat less as you think that a husky eats a lot. When your husky exercises continuously for two hours give him excessive food to eat.

That’s why you don’t even see huskies that are overweight. Give food to your husky according to their size, weight, age, and activity level. Huskies have a  high metabolism and require food that has high protein and fats. The favorite foods of huskies are:

  1. Fish
  2. Beef
  3. Chicken

It is important to keep an eye on the health of your dog and give food to him according to his health. If you are buying a husky from the breeder he recommends the dog food but before giving him a dog food consult with a veterinary doctor for the perfect proof.

5. Mental stimulation

Huskies are very smart and stubborn dogs. They are also very destructive dogs if it does not fulfill their mind or they have free time. In this way, they need mental stimulation.

You Think that exercise is enough for mental stimulation. But you are wrong except for exercise there are various ways to stimulate your husky mind. The best way to stimulate your husky mind is through Puzzles, Toys, and Obedience training.

Give him some toys with his favorite treat if he likes it there is another type of exercise. Huskies are destructive dogs so give them durable toys that make them busy but not break easily.

6. Separation Anxiety

Huskies are very attention seeker dogs. If they are left alone for a long time they become destructive dogs and also damage their mental health very badly.

Once I tested that to leave my husky alone for a long time. He became destructive and his mental health was also disturbed. He did not eat anything and also did not obey my commands.

So if you want a dog that leaves alone for a long time Husky is not a good choice for you. 

7. Space For Huskies

Huskies are working dogs from their origins. They always want to run around everywhere. It needs a big space for their living. The small space does not fulfill their requirements because huskies are entertaining.

Don’t stick your husky into a cage because they are born of big-yard glaciers in Siberia. Following point will help you in that how much space does huskies need.

  • The height of foot fence to keep a Husky must be 5-6 Feet.
  • Give a backyard to husky for running and exercising. That is not recommended but it is very beneficial for husky’s health.
  • Husky does not need a very big space to live. He can easily adjust in an apartment because the thing is that how you can train your husky to live?.
  • If you don’t have a backyard dont worry you will go into garden with your husky for the exerxcise and mental stimulation of your husky.

8. Prey Drive

Husky are sled-pulling dogs from their origin and prey small animals for their feed. So, they have high prey drive and kill small dogs when given him a chance to attack on them. But it depend on training that you have given to your dog. The best thing to train to your husky is how to deal with small animals.

Due to their high prey drive it is difficult to train husky behave good with small animals like Cat, small dogs, birds and other pets. Huskies are very smart dogs and obey your every order that you have taught to him. 

9. Companionship

Huskies are like to live in packs and they are also pack dogs. If I said that Husky need their companion for better living that is not wrong. Husky does not live alone for a long time.

They need companions or attention from the other. There is a best idea to introduce your husky with other dogs opposite to his sex.

They fall in love with each other, Husky does not feel alone and busy in his companion that is a vital thing for his health. Following are the some best companion for huskies.

  1. Alskan Malamute 
  2. Golden Retriever
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Labrador Retriever

1. Are Huaskedskies expensive to maintain?

Yes, Huskies are cost around 300$ – 500$ per month.

2. Do Huskies get sick easily?

Yes, Because Huskies are very sensitive and bacterias or viral dieseases easily harm them.

3. Can Huskies be left alone?

No, Huskies are like to live in packs and need much more attention for better health.

4. What is a husky’s favorite food?

High protein food are the favorite diet of Huskies.

There are many more thing to explain but in this discussion I tried to explain enough  things against the query “Are Huskies High Maintenance”? According to my experience and the thing that I have faced.

We have discussed about the maintenance needs of huskies and also their tips to fulfil that needs of huskies. Hope this discussion will helpful for you and you will follow the instructions that I have given to you.

These things are totally based on my experience. That’s why I have recommended you to follow that tips for better mental and physical health of your Husky. 

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